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Musical Journey

Touching Lives one Song at a Time

Carlos's music serves as a soundtrack to his journey, blending genres and melodies that evoke emotions we all share. Rooted in soft rock, Bossa Nova, and Latin Jazz, his music and melodies capture the essence of finding strength within and around us.

A Musician Rooted in Family

As a young child, Carlos and his family fled Communist Cuba, seeking refuge, political Asylum, and founding a new home in Miami's Little Havana. Overcoming adversity, cultural shock, and language barriers, Carlos forged his path. He eventually became a beloved family man, a successful entrepreneur, musician and was appointed by the governor to the board of directors of South Lake Hospital which he served for 13 years. He is also recognized as a pillar of his community.

After his wife and his own battle with cancer he returned to his true passion for music. It’s unsurprising that all his songs offer a message of hope and strength while remaining comforting and uplifting. With a deep appreciation for the sacrifices of the military, his son's service and the love for this country, Carlos's music also reflects the values of service, loyalty, and patriotism with songs like USA, Back to You and Red, White and Blue.

Through his heartfelt music, he shares a narrative of resilience, the love for God, family, and the courage to face life's challenges head-on, leaving a lasting impact on all who encounter his music.

Backed by Grammy-award winning musicians, the SolisBravo band offers a musical embrace that wraps you in a warm familiarity, like a cherished memory from your own life. The thoughtful lyrics and Carlos’s story invite us to connect with his experiences, to find comfort, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. His music provides the perfect delivery to connect with his audience.

Carlos shares his story with the world, inspiring others to pursue their own dreams and find strength in the bonds with God, family and inner resilience. Carlos Solis and the SolisBravo Band will take you on a musical journey.

Press Mentions


Sometimes it takes a different view in order to place things in perspective. When I lived in Ireland as a kid during the Troubles, I knew where I truly belonged: the USA. I bought a plane ticket home to America, at age 15, without knowing where I would live. When the plane flew over the Statue of Liberty, I broke the executive decision I had made that I never would cry - and sat staring out the window in tearful gratitude. Today I am listening to this beautiful song from a man who also came here in search of a better place. Carlos Solis fled communist Cuba when he was a child, and has loved this country ever since. Please give a listen. The song is pure beauty, from someone who truly knows what it means to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Susan Katz Keating
Publisher, Editor-In -Chief at Solider of Fortune Magazine
Contributor/ Writer at TIME
Corespondent at PEOPLE

The new Solis-Bravo CD, SAILING is something you can't stop playing. It is a pure enjoyment from the very first song..ME AND YOU. Not only is the CD well produced but all of the songs are originals written by Carlos Solis, a superb composer who writes with feeling. And what is more exceptional is the mix....from jazz to bossa to R&B....all with a Latin flavor. SAILING is a winner all the way." JIM STONE 89.7 FM, WLNZ Lansing Michigan.

Jim Stone
WLNZ 89.7 Radio

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the Solis-Bravo Band. After listening to their album "Sailing", I was hooked. The Solis-Bravo band have received some great buzz via phone calls and emails and I'm looking forward to more from these talented musicians. Chuck Thomas, host of Jazz Flavors on WWUS, 104.1 US 1 Radio in the Florida Keys.

Chuck Thomas
WWUS 104.1

Sailing by Solis Bravo Band is an eclectic mix of original compositions that transport the listener to exotic and romantic ports of call. I enjoy sharing it with my radio show audience as well as with my family and friends.

Orlando Suarez
WDNA 88.9

During the 2015-2016 Season, Garden Theatre’s Solis Bravo concert brought in a full house of first-time patrons from as far away as Miami. Because of the awareness created by these opportunities, many have continued their patronage as ticket holders and subscribers.

Alauna Friskics
Garden Theatre

Garden Theatre Review: Solis Bravo was one of the best sounding concerts we've ever had at the Garden Theatre. They are professionals through and through. From the original conceptual meeting the load out, working with Solis Bravo was a dream. They are passionate for their craft, and execute their sound flawlessly. The sold out audience LOVED them. People were dancing in the aisles as the theatre was transformed to a street party. Incredible night. Incredible band. I can't wait to work with them again.

Aluana Friskics
Garden Theatre Review

Richard Bravo 2015 #5 Studio Percussionist . As voted by the readers of DRUM! Magazine and

Drum Magazine
Drum Magazine

No one embodies the true spirit of artistic passion the way Venezuelan-born Percussionist Richard Bravo does as evident from his ardent performances and numerous recordings. His impeccable and precise musicianship has awarded him a body of work that encompasses over 1000 recordings 2 Grammy Awards and 22 Grammy Award Certificates. An Evans Drumheads player since 1999.

Evan Drums
Evan Drum

Richard Bravo His impeccable and precise musicianship has awarded him a body of work that encompasses over 1000 recordings and 26 Grammy Award Achievement Certificates. From recording and appearing on International Superstar Ricky Martin’s MTV “Unplugged” release, to creating the incredible rhythms of the Multi-Platinum “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira, he also recorded the “Duets” C/D by Michael Bolton and Herbie Hancock’s critically and Grammy nominated “Duets.

Pearl Drums
Pearl Dums Overview

SOLIS BRAVO BAND IN CONCERT The Solis Bravo Band brings their smooth sounds of jazz, big band, bossa nova, Latin and R&B to the Garden Theatre stage. This group of ten award-winning artists will take you on a musical journey - from Cuban roots to the American dream. And, as always, get ready for some surprise guest musicians.

City of Winter Garden
Winter Garden News

We’re hot on the trail of the local music scene. And we’ve found a lot that’s hot! You need only to meet Carlos Solis once to understand he is for real. Even as his group, the Solis/Bravo Band, prepares to release its debut CD in October, Carlos remains humble.

Style Magazine

This album is so good, that we wasted little time naming The Solis-Bravo Band our "Artist of the Week". This album has earned them a permanent spot in our music library.

Paul Richards
WHLI Radio Long Island NY

Solis Family & the Band Gets Award by the City of Clermont & South Lake Hospital The Solis Family getting recognition award from the City of Clermont by Mayor Hal Turville and from South Lake Hospital CEO John Moore at their Oct concert.

City Manager
City of Clermont, FL

Carlos Solis Holds Concert To Raise Money For Mammography

Elira Benavari
Orlando Sentinal

Grammy-award nominees and achievement winning musicians will reunite with local businessman and community leader Carlos Solis for his comeback to music on Saturday, October 25 at the Clermont Performing Arts Center. Inspired by his wife’s heroic battle with breast cancer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist Solis joins Jerry Bravo, Richard Bravo, Jackson King, & Camilo Valencia.

Central Florida Charity Magazine
Central Florida Charity Magazine

SolisBravo Band Continues to move up In the charts . Beach Music Top 40 Aug 30th 2014 #5 SolisBravo Band (Wasting The Night Away)

Beach Music Top 40
Orlando Weekly

Great new songs with a great new sound! My listeners are wanting to know more & more about this band! Can't wait for a whole cd from this band!

Mike McDaniels
WSGE 91.7